New Feature: Grassroutes First Ascents

Grassroutes Climbing is debuting a new feature:  Grassroutes First Ascents: a monthly or bi-weekly report on first ascents from across North America.

Scouting a new project on the Flying Buttress, Sedona with Darren Mabe

Scouting a new project on the Flying Buttress, Sedona with Darren Mabe

Dozens of good new routes go up every month, and if they are put up by non-sponsored climbers, almost no-one hears about them.  Developers and first ascensionists put in hours of difficult work and keep our sport moving forward with new quality lines, and climbers across the country should be able to read about these new routes!

Grassroutes First Ascents will be based on user submissions.

Developers:  When you put up a new route, send me photos or video and a short description of the route.  I’ll compile these into a report which will be posted on the site either once or twice per month.  Any route you are proud of warrants inclusion whether

a single pitch 5.8, a boulder problem, or a finished long-standing project, if you are psyched on it, send it in and we’ll share it with the climbing community!  Email descriptions and photos to

Climbers:  It’s tough to know what is going on in new route development around the country besides what Tommy Caldwell, Jonathon Siegrist, and other pro climbers are putting up.  Mountain Project has a great feature called What’s New, but this is not a easy-to-read or visually stimulating report on new routes.  Grassroutes Climbing will be your source for psyche on new routes put up by working class climbers, as well as high-level projects put up by professionals!

Feature Interviews:  Once this project gets rolling, each installation of Grassroutes First Ascents will include a feature interview with a climber or developer who is contributing at a grassroots level!


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